River City Chapter (Formerly District 1)

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    Our goal is to initially build a strong foundation of highly energetic and engaged nurses who we can help empower through our chapter membership to improve the lives of our patients and each other. Once we establish this and hear from all of you, we will set routine meetings as a chapter to make our vision a reality in this community.

    If you are interested in playing a more active role in the design and roll-out of the River City chapter, please email Megan Carter (megan.carter@bhsi.com) and Christi Ralston (Christian.Ralston@nortonhealthcare.org) for more information.

    About us:

    Megan Carter MSN, RN, PCCN-CMC, CNML:

    I am currently the Nurse Director for Critical Care and Respiratory Therapy at Baptist Health Louisville. I joined KNA when I moved to Kentucky over a year ago and have been very impressed by their passion and vision for affecting positive change. I chose to take this role because I believe very strongly in the power of nurses coming together and making a difference at all levels: in our workplace, our community and especially our nation’s policies. I am a servant leader and am ready to serve this chapter in any way you see fit.

    Christy Ralston BSN, RN, CCMC:

    As the Director of Workforce Development for Norton Healthcare, I find joy assisting students find their passion and career path. I am very involved in workforce analytics, career progression, and curriculum development to assist nurses and other healthcare professionals elevate their practice to support our patients and the community. Nurses are the core of our community, together we have an opportunity to change outcomes, improve health and happiness, and leverage our collective resources for the good of all. Megan and I look forward to serving you, the nurses of the River City Chapter, helping you take your priorities to the next level, providing a voice and creating meaningful and sustainable change for nursing practice. Come join us!! It will be a wonderful journey together!