KNA Governmental Affairs Cabinet - Staff Nurse

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 Governmental Affairs Cabinet—Staff Nurse
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Brittney Welch, MSN, RN, DNP (August 2018)
  Present Position: ANA Community Manager/Compliance Officer/CQI Supervisor
Type of Position: Nurse Management
Area of Expertise: My doctoral project focuses on a nursing policy that decreases access to health care services in rural areas.
Bellarmine University—DNP (August 2018); Grand Canyon University—MSN; Grand Canyon University

 —BSN; Galen College of Nursing— ASN; Galen College of Nursing—LPN 
Professional Organizational Activities: I am the American Nurses Association Community Manager for the Student Nurses Community. While I have not held a local, state or national elected office, I am eager and willing to learn. I am very familiar with policy issues that are important to nurses and will work to help our profession in any way possible. My DNP project is a policy change piece in which I have been afforded the opportunity to work with a vast number of leaders throughout the nursing community. Part of my job is understanding the financial implications of policies and procedures and improving these to ensure positive revenue generation. I am currently the co-chair for my organization’s licensure committee. I have also participated in various other committees and have taken on the position of compliance officer for my company which is a nationwide telephone nurse triage organization. 
 My name is Brittney Welch and I want to be a member of the Government Affairs Cabinet. I have experience discussing the issues of stakeholders in Kentucky from the disparities in rural areas to the restraints put on nurse practitioner practice. I want to take concerns and be an agent of change. I am fully dedicated to the future of nursing and advocating for our profession and our patients. The best way for me to do so is to use my knowledge of health care and nursing policy.